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Music Classes
7 months to 6 years

From 7 months your little one has the ability to appreciate and learn how to clap, bounce, feel, sit, push, grasp and reach. Those are all the skills they need to start a magical, creative journey in our weekly Culture Kids private music classes.

From Australia to Ireland Culture Kids is based on a new theme each week.

During the class the children listen and play along to music, explore toys and props, dance, sing, dress up, read stories and do role play which all adds up to a fun packed session.

We use a variety of different organic and fairy traded instruments that are native to the countries that the children have been learning about.

All you will need to do is select a weekly time slot that it suitable for you and your friends and your teacher will attend the private home with all materials needed. The class will run throughout a 10 week term with a half term break.

From experience our Culture Kids teachers have learnt that each child enjoys and expresses their ability's in different ways. Therefore, each class is specifically adapted to the group of children it is being taught to. This contributes to the personal Culture Kids experience.